3 Gym Hacks to Increase Your Lifts

Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash

Maybe you’ve been there, standing at the weight rack, trying to decide how much weight to add to the bar, you want to be able to say you hit a certain number, but you are worried you won’t be able to get it up. So you settle with putting on the same amount of weight you did last week, and the week before. How do you start breaking records, and increasing your lifts?

The first thing to get on your way to hitting new personal bests is changing up your routine. If you are lifting the same amount of weight and performing the same amount of reps every day week after week, how are your muscles going to grow? Eventually they are going to stifle.

So for starters shake it up each week. More reps, less weight, more weight less reps. The first step is to keep your muscles guessing.

Second, make sure your form is on point. The more on point your form is the more you are going to work out that particular muscle, and the stronger it’s going to get.

Third, slow down your reps. The slower you perform the reps, the more strain being placed on your muscle, and so the more muscle you build.

The as thing is, go for it. Now don’t do something dump and try to push way more weight than you know you can do, but while maintaining the proper form and having a spotter, push yourself past your normal limits. You have to push past that comfort level in order to hit new heights. So go for it! You’ve got this.


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