Muscle Gains Through Nutrition

So maybe you’ve been at your workouts for a decent amount of time now. You are to the point where you enjoy the pump and are now just waiting for those muscle gains. Only one problem. Where are they? Maybe they didn’t get the message to come out. Sure you think you can see a couple more veins in your arm and you’re pretty sure there’s more definition in that arm, but it’s not quite what you are expecting or wanting.

Where are those biceps? Where’s those hamstrings popping?

The reason those muscles are not growing and you aren’t getting the results you want isn’t for lack of effort in the gym. But rather because your muscles aren’t being fed sufficiently. You’ve probably heard a lot about being in a calorie deficiency in order to lose weight, well the opposite is true if you want to build muscle, you have to be in a calorie surplus. By eating more than your body needs to maintain you are going to put on weight and if you are lifting then that is going to be translated into muscle growth.

Now the other element to this is that it won’t be effective if you just eat whatever you want. It’s easy to get in a surplus of calories if you are downing cheese dip, chocolate, and pizza, but that is going to add weight in the wrong areas, so make sure you are eating clean. Lean meats, whole grain/whole wheat, and complex carbs, healthy dairy products, and fresh veggies and fruit. It takes work and determination and grit, but if you’ve been at it don’t get frustrated and quit. Keep going and start seeing the gains you’ve been wanting.