How Often Should You Workout?

Photo by M. Plt on Unsplash

Should you workout every day? There are a lot of varying viewpoints on this, but what is best for your muscles? Well for starters your muscles actually do their growing while you are resting, and full recovery takes up to 72 hours. But this doesn’t mean you should be practicing Netflix and chill all the time.

What it does mean is you need to be breaking up your workouts by muscle group. So if you workout legs on Monday don’t work them out again until Thursday. So in theory you could workout every day of the week and still be okay with resting everything.

Personally I’ve done a variation of how many days I workout. Typically I do five days a week. But have done seven before. At bare minimum I suggest four days a week if you are truly after those muscle gains. But don’t be afraid of pushing yourself and working out more. As long as you are breaking up your muscle groups you are good to workout as often as you’d like. But also know your body.

Everyone is slightly different. Don’t try to push yourself harder than your body can handle, but only you know what this level is.