To Keto or Not To Keto?

If you’ve even peeked at anything fitness related in the last six months, chances are you’ve heard about the Keto diet. It’s all the rage. Equally so you will find people on both sides of the fence with the Keto diet. Some adamantly for it, while others will trash it. So who do you believe? What is going to get you in shape?

If you don’t know what Keto is, it’s removing all carbs from your diet and consuming only proteins and fats. I know people who have had some success with this, so I’m not going to try and convince you it doesn’t work.

But I do want to offer some more information on it. First off, our bodies need the energy from healthy whole grains and complex carbs to maintain an active lifestyle.

Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of carbs that we should stay away from, white flour, processed and sugar-filled carbs are horrible for us. But whole grain carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa etc. and whole wheat breads and pastas along with complex carbs like whole fruit or sweet potatoes, are an excellent fuel source for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My biggest issue with Keto or any other diet that restricts whole food groups, is that it’s not setting you up for long-term life long success. It’s not very realistic to say you are never going to eat carbs again, nor should you, because again, healthy carbs are good for us. Eating a well rounded diet of healthy foods in the appropriate amount and eliminating unhealthy foods is the way to get fit, whether this be packing on the muscle mass or losing the excess fat you don’t want.