Exercises You Should Be Doing

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

So when it comes to your workouts, what exactly should you be doing? After all there is a lot of equipment and workout programs out there. There certainly are and a quick stroll through a gym and you will see a ton of different varieties of workouts that people are doing. So what are some musts when it comes to lifting?

For starters you want a well rounded routine. Don’t focus only on one muscle group, but hit all of them and do different muscle groups on different days. Legs, chest, bicep and tricep, back and shoulder. But one thing that keeps you solid is your core.

Most of your strength stems from your core. Lower back pain, poor posture, and weakness can all stem from a weak core. So if I had to pick one thing to work on, it would be core. Any abdominal workout is going to target your core, sit ups, planks, stretches that target your core, squats (can’t say enough about these except DO THEM!)

As you improve your core you will find that your strength will increase in many of your other exercises as well. So don’t neglect it!