What Dreams and Muscles Are Made Of

Photo Credit: https://thoroughlyreviewed.com

It’s 6:19 am EST as I am starting to write this. I just got showered and am downing a smoothie that let’s be honest doesn’t taste the greatest. I’d much rather be sipping on some steaming coffee than chugging this thick concoction. I am also a little tired. Working all weekend, then to hear the Rock Clock telling me to get my ass out of bed at 3:40 so I could get my workout in.

Routine…It’s what dreams are made of. Truly. When we hear success stories, and people who have made it, we just see the finished product. We see the glam, the fame, the “making it”. But we miss the most important part. The journey. The journey is where that greatness stems from.

We often hear of those people who became overnight success stories. But these are truly one in a million. Don’t believe me? Go read most successful people’s story, usually it consists of years of toiling away, early mornings, late nights, heartbreak, and disappointment. But it’s exactly those hard times that day in and day out grind that get people from point A to point B.

So does getting up at 3:40 suck some days? Absolutely. Does foregoing some things in life in order to have something better later in life suck sometimes? Of course. But that’s the drive that keeps me going, for that one day having a better life. To be old and strong, to be able to chase after my grand kids and great grand kids. To live my life to the fullest. Because

I know what life is like when I don’t push myself, and sure maybe some days it’s easier, but overall it’s not near as rewarding. So get out there and push. Rise, grind, repeat. It’s a saying we all know, but put it into action and great things will come.