I'm Tired of Failing

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

I’m tired. Yes I said it. It’s about 6:45 and I got a text from my gym buddy at about 3:45 said he was feeling under the weather and wasn’t making it. So me? I went back to bed. Now granted it’s still 6:45 so I’m still up early, but it feels late and I even have a twinge of guilt, even though

I know I am going to go to the gym later instead to get my workout in.

But guilt has a way of trying to cripple us. It likes to tell us we failed and that we might as well give up. Maybe you’ve been on track with your nutritionplan and you fell off the band wagon over the holiday weekend, or maybe you haven’t been to the gym in a few days.

So what do you do? Get back up and make things happen, get back in the gym, get back on track with your nutrition plan. It doesn’t take much to get right back into the groove of everything. The biggest hurdle you have to overcome is your mindset, because as I said our mind can deter us and weight us down, it can keep us from going after what we know we are capable of and what we should do.

So get past the guilt, past the doubt, and in the words of Nike, Just do it. Don’t think, just take the leap. Regardless of what failures plague your past, or what people have told you or what you’ve told yourself. You’ve got this.