Is Your Form In the Gym That Important?

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

If you follow my writings and podcast you may have heard me mention before about having the proper form in the gym, but just how important is this?

Well to be honest proper form is essential in the gym. You risk a lot when you don’t practice proper form. For starters there is the risk of injury. Not using proper from can open you up to muscle strains, tears, and other serious injuries, which when you are unable to lift will be a huge setback.

Another way improper really hurts you is in your gains. Let’s say you are doing a barbell curl and rocking your whole body while you try to lift each rep and are straining, the more you strain the more you arch your back and get into that full body swinging motion. This employs not only the momentum of your body, but other muscle groups that you are not even trying to work out, thus robbing yourself of effectively building the targeted muscle.

After all you work out certain muscle groups to target them right? So make sure you are using proper form in order to fully maximize your gains.

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