Steps to Create Routine

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

In a previous blog we discussed how important routine is to develop in order to achieve your fitness goals, so how does that play out in day to day life? And what routines do we need to establish?

Research shows us that when we do something the same way at the same time every day we are more likely to keep it up. So for instance your gym time, make it the same every day, don’t squeeze it in the morning one day, the afternoon the next and the middle of the night the next. Pick a time that works for you every day, and go then.

With food, get in the habit of eating healthy foods, prep your food the same time each week, get your breakfast and lunch ready for the next day at the same time.

Have your gym bag packed, you clothes laid out, your earbuds charged. All the little habits that build up your routine are crucial to the success of your fitness program. So don’t fear them. Embrace them, build them, and whatever you do, don’t skip them! Especially in the first thirty days. Your brain needs to get accustomed to doing these healthy routines.