The Dirty Bulk Myth

Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

When it comes to bulking and gaining muscle mass there’s this belief that for a certain period of time we’ll eat whatever we want, then deprive ourselves and cut.

There are two things I really want when it comes to fitness. First, to have a good amount of lean muscle. Second to be healthy and maintain it over the long haul. Not only is it possible to put on lean muscle mass by eating clean, but why wouldn’t you want to?

With Rich Piana’s death last year, I feel that maybe that opened the door to some conversations about what health actually looks like. There’s so much emphasis placed on how we look externally that we forget we may be dying internally as a result.

So if you are wanting to gain muscle mass just eat whatever in order to gain the pounds, eat clean, whole grains, healthy carbs, good lean proteins, healthy fats. All it takes is making sure you hit that surplus of clean calories while lifting in order in insure that you building mass, while also taking care of yourself. We are talking more about that in this week’s podcast.