This One Thing Can Make Your Muscles Pop

Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

So what muscle group do you just want to pop more than others. I know a lot of us have that one particular area we’d like to see some more growth in. Well earlier this week we talked about the compound effect and making small changes that have huge results over the long term.

It’s actually easy to really focus on some specific muscle groups. First thing you want to do is figure out what muscles you want to add some extra growthto. Once you have then determine two exercises that work them hard. Sometimes it’s best to pick the exercises that you like the least, as they will push you harder.

Once you have them start doing those two exercises every day. No matter what muscle group you are working out, at the end of your complete workoutroutine go do those two exercises. It may not sound like a ton,

But combine the fact that you are already worn out from your workout and that you are doing these extra two exercises every day is going to bring big results for you over time. You won’t see it in a week or maybe even a month, but remember, things compounded over time have huge results.