When Is Fat Good?

“sunny side up egg, lettuce, bread on white ceramic plate” by Alison Marras on Unsplash

When it comes to fats, you want to steer clear of most of them as they provide little value and assist in clogging up your arteries. But there are some great fats your body can put to good use. Fat while usually looked at as a negative thing, actually does provide some benefits.

After all we need a healthy layer of fat around our organs to protect them, and it plays an important role in our bodies. In addition to protecting our organs, it helps the body absorb vitamins. It also helps us to regulate our body temperature. I talk all the time about the importance of nutrition which our courses cover fully.

Now before you reach for that bag of potato chips, there are healthy fats you should be incorporating but they are not what we typically think of.

While you still want to moderate how much of even healthy fats you eat, some that you want to add to your list include eggs, which also give us a great boost of protein. Avocado (sorry store bought guacamole is out), but you can make some very healthy guacamole yourself.

Almond, cashews, and most other tree nuts are a great source of healthy fat that also pack a punch of protein. Olive oil and fish also give us a dosage of healthy fats that our body puts to good use.

So don’t fear healthy fat, still keep it in moderation, but your body needs those healthy sources. Check out this week's podcast on protein and fat for more.