Why Diets Keep Failing You

Photo by Kawin Harasai on Unsplash

Diets, they are all the rage right? Walk into any bookstore, browse Google, and spend anytime on social media and you will find no shortage of diet options. Some allow you to eat just about everything, some eliminate whole food groups, some only let you eat carrots and organic unicorn horns.

Diets are by nature set up to let you down. They will have some short term success, but they are extremely limited in their capability because they are rarely ever able to sustain you. It’s not very realistic to never eat another carbagain, (if you can then by all means go for keto).

Diets tend to promise one of two things, either they are extremely strict in what you can and cannot eat, or they are the opposite and promise amazing results while eating whatever you want.

The last thing we need are more diets. The thing that will continue to give you life long success is changing the way you think about food, discovering what types of foods to eat from every food group. Nutrition is so much more than a diet, it’s re-wiring the way you think about food, the way you view food. So much of what marketers portray as healthy simply isn’t. Low or zero calorie, fat free, sugar free, they don’t mean healthy. So before you get on another diet, rethink it