Why Every Rep Matters

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

So Monday I talked about how your form is crucial to properly build muscles and avoid injury. And if that was the peanut butter, the speed of your rep is the jelly.

Once again a common mistake I see clients and others in the gym make is trying to burst through their reps so that they hit that number they are aiming for. Now don’t get me wrong I agree that you should be aiming for a certain rep range and that range should change each week, I talked about this a couple podcasts back in episode 00.

But if you are speeding through your reps to hit that number then you need to change what you are doing. Your reps should be slow, painfully slow, especially when you are returning to the starting position of each repetition.

If you have to sacrifice speed to hit your rep range, then drop the amount of weight you are lifting. It’s okay to go down in weight and get your reps right, in the end it will do far more to build your muscles than improper form and super fast reps. I talk more about this is in the podcast in episode 002.